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[SIGNED] The Search for Silence Paperback

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Book 1 in The Kids of Cybercity

“There’s Safety in Sound.” - Leaders Of Cybercity

Everyone in Cybercity wears Sensory Overload Auditory Processing Systems, SOAPS, like it’s totally normal. As far as fourth-grader Sadie Thurman is concerned, it’s not cool at all to have constant music or white noise playing in your ears. Silence is a thing of fantasy, a reality that exists only in dreams. And it’s a dream she shares with no one.

Until she bumps into Jaesun.

Sadie and Jaesun embark on a quest to disable their SOAPS to enjoy just a single moment of silence. But that quest puts them under the scrutiny of the Leaders of Cybercity and at risk for whatever dangers the silence holds.