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The Lightbearer Chronicles - Ebook Bundle

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Grab all the books in The Lightbearer Chronicles Series today!

In the shadowy streets of Lindrad, Janis, a formidable assassin known for her lethal precision, finds her life irrevocably changed when a mysterious, scarred man offers her an unusual job: to protect rather than kill. As she accepts the task to safeguard the enigmatic Marric Norst, Janis is thrust into a web of magic, betrayal, and ancient prophecies.

Embark on a gripping adventure where the lines between light and dark blur, and heroes are forged in the crucible of adversity. The Lightbearer Chronicles is a tale of redemption, courage, and the relentless pursuit of hope in a world shrouded in secrets.


Shielded (Prequel) - FREE with purchase

Awakened (Book 1)

Transformed (Book 2)

Ascended (Book 3)

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