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[SIGNED] Awakened Paperback

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Gathering the Awakened will change the course of the war.

Lightbearing has become a plague in Lindrad. Yet those who exploit the magic can no longer be ignored.

Janis, master assassin, thrived in her dark and lucrative world. All that changes when a mysterious organization force-hires her to delve into the magical power-struggle. Never did she suspect that the gateway into the war would be an unassuming youth.

His life was slow. His life was boring. A wish for something more turns reality as sixteen-year-old Marric is suddenly sought after for one specific fact; he is to become one of the Awakened.

Awakened is the first book in The Lightbearer Chronicles trilogy, an epic fantasy saga. If you like J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Paolini, and Brandon Mull, then you’ll love the immersive experience of a world thrown into chaos by a struggle between Light–and something even more foreboding.