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[SIGNED] Transformed Paperback

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Once one of the most deadly assassins in Lindrad, Janis is now plagued by the bureaucratic limitations of Evenir and the odd Light powers they wield. Newly awakened to his own powers, Marric wants only to prove his worth in the world he’s now part of. Together, the assassin and novice are thrown into the front lines of a growing conflict against Watchlight. As they both manifest and expand their abilities, each must also navigate missions to recruit new Lightbearers before the enemy reaches them first.

Prost, an ex-military man turned Watchlight operative, looks forward to meeting Janis in battle again, despite his Lightbearing immunity being called into question. While he plots his next move, Prost dreams of ending his days playing pawn to Riln, a leader blinded by his obsession with power.

What seemed a mortal conflict has now turned into something far more foreboding. Further complicating matters, new figures emerge who haunt and wreak havoc. Yet hope still remains in the form of an uncovered history. Ultimately, Janis, Marric, and even Prost must learn the value of balance—in their own lives, as well as for the fate of the world at large. Should they fail, darkness will irrevocably be unleashed.